Our “classroom” facilities are at 59 George Street, Strand.
We are proud to list the following facilities which are available for the students:

• Lecture room with AV Facilities

Dive Tank 
• 3.5 m deep x 2 m diameter
• View Port
• The first week of diving is done in our tank for assessment purposes. (controlled environment)
• Tank used to simulate situations such as: Mask off, DB Out, Air Off

Decompression Chamber
• 3.6 meter Dive Chamber – 6 Man
• Simulations up to 60 meter depths
• Decompression sickness treatment for students and local community

37 Ft Fibreglass Chucky
• Compressor / Air lines on boat
• Scuba and Air Supply dives from boat59

We have a fully rigged, out and, HEALTH AND SAFETY COMPLIANT WORKSHOP on our premises where the student divers can after booking out tools work with the various tools under supervision.

We have a wide variety of tools from huge shifting spanners weighing 15kgs to FLOGGING TOOLS, we also have our own metal lathe and milling machines that we use to manufacture parts and tools for the industry.

Equipment Store
The equipment store or as is widely known in the industry, “the shiny store”, contains the main nuts and bolts of any dive school.

We have a wide range of helmets in our store including:
• Kirby Morgan 18 bandmasks
• KM 17 helmets
• Genesis Helmets
• Omega Bandmasks
• Ocean Reef masks
• Aga Divator masks
• Wireless communications
• Hard wire comms
• O2 analysers
• and more….

Underwater Photography
SONY DSC-V3 14 MP camera with IKELITE UNDERWATER HOUSING with strobe lights that has still as well as video capabilities rated to 50mtre.



• Scuba and Air Supply dives from boat


STRAND is situated on the east coast of the western cape of South Africa and is equally famous for its amazing ring of mountains that surround the area ( HOTTENTOT HOLLAND MOUNTAIN RANGE ) and the deceptive tranquility of FALSE BAY, to the notoriety of the icy cold, angry Atlantic Ocean.

The community has its origins in the farming and fishing industry’s, when produce was grown for the new and vibrant city of Cape Town in the 19 century, supplying it with a constant and fresh supply of fruit and vegetables. The abundance of fish in FALSE BAY also made it a supplier of fish to the same market, still today the very same method of catching fish a century or two ago, using “trek nette” is used but is dying out.

Today STAND, SOMERSET WEST,GORDONS BAY and STELLENBOSCH have grown so large that there is virtually no distinction between the different towns, the area has many industry and with it being so close to CAPE TOWN and the airport it is a very sought after area with the population growing at an unprecedented rate.
Being situated in the STRAND, which is only 20 minutes drive away from CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT makes it convenient for students to arrive and depart by air with FLIGHTS TO CAPE TOWN arriving from all over the world. We have the same CAPE TOWN WEATHER.

There are a vast array of things to do in the area,there are many quaint pubs and good restaurants in the area and for the diver seeking other entertainment an abundance of young ladies can be found at the various malls or even better on BIKINI BEACH in GORDONS BAY, where even some of our diving takes place. STRAND is just a hop away from the WINELANDS where many of the worlds great fine wines can be tasted and purchased.
CAPE TOWN is only 25 minutes drive away, where everything is so metropolitan and where the adventure begins for many.There are many taxi services between STRAND and CAPE TOWN making a night out on the town very accessible. You might want to visit some of CAPE TOWN RESTAURANTS and even stay a night in CAPE TOWN HOTELS which are of the best in the world.

We are proud of our country and take you over weekends to various places of interest within the West Cape, such as ROBBEN ISLAND-visit the most notorious prison in the world where NELSON MANDELA was imprisoned for 27 years where he was issued with the famous prison number 46664., CAPE POINT, TABLE MOUNTAIN,THE WINELANDS, WINE FARMS OF THE REGION, THE WATERFRONT,HOUT BAY, KALK BAY, SIMONS TOWN. We arrange dives for you in the AQUARIUM where you can dive with SHARKS. We organize CAGE DIVING IN FALSE BAY, where you can experience the thrill of SHARK DIVING.

We want you to enjoy your course and want you, to when, you are retired, with your diving millions reminisce about this beautiful place where you were forced to do PT and actually wish a last walk down memory lane with your instructors before you end your journey and stop your experience that we started you on, once upon a time.