SA (DOL) : DOL Class III * Before commencing on this course you must be registered for 1 year as a Class IV Diver, with 50 logged dives in your logbook and be 21 years old. – Pre-requisites * You then enroll with us, do theory and practical work with a current dive course. The duration of this course is for 15 DAYS. – On Course * After this you have to gain practical experience under a qualified Supervisor in the Commercial Diving Industry and log 50 panel hours in your logbook. – After Course


The candidate must have attained the age of 21 years.

The candidate must have been registered as a Class III Diver for at least one year.

The candidate must have logged at least 50 dives since qualifying as a Class III Diver.

Pass a medical examination conducted by a designated medical practitioner. This Certificate must be obtained before training commences.

Have satisfactorily completed a DOL approved Diving Supervisor training course at an approved DOL school and have passed the course examination and be registered as such.

Be capable of managing a dive team.

We do not qualify you immediately as a Supervisor. You are only a Learner Supervisor. You will have to complete all requirements to receive your Diving Supervisor certificate. A company letter referring the student on the course to confirm the competence of the student is essential.


LECTURES IN, History of diving, diving physics, diving physiology, diving procedures, decompression theory, decompression tables, diving emergencies, compressors HP and LP, air banks, decompression chambers, diver communication, seamanship, HIRA, dive planning, dive equipment, safety, underwater hazards and diver legislation.

Tests will be done during the course.

PRACTICAL,orientation dive in our 3,5mtre deep dive tank,basic scuba competancy,in water training,underwater emergencies,diver rescue,tools training,underwater communication, lost diver techniques and methods of recall,rope work including knots and splices,filling of cylinders with the HP compressor,equipment maintenance and service.