What to bring with?

* WETSUIT * BOOTIES * FINS * MASK * Clothing - Especially something warm. * Toiletries. * Sunscreen and after-sun. * Beach hat/cricket hat. * Water bottle. * Swimming shorts and towels. * Safety boots - steel tip * Swimmers ear. * Calculator. * All the learning material we will provide. You must also bring the following documentation, per course, in order to complete your DOL registration as speedily as possible:
Class iv and iii dive trainee: * X4 ID photos * X3 Copies of passport or South African Identity Document * X3 Copies of visa (Foreign Students only) * X1 Copy of Diving medical Certificate signed by a registered “Diving Doctor” / DMO.
Class II dive trainee and Supervisors: * X4 ID photos * X3 Copies of passport or South African Identity Document * X3 Copies of visa (Foreign Students only) * X1 Copy of Diving medical Certificate * X1 Copy of your logbook/dives done * X3 Copies of your dive ticket

Transport from the Airport?

We will collect you at the airport or bus stop just send us your ticket details - arrival time etc. We transport you to and from the school and the dive sites.

Where can I obtain the basic dive gear?

We do have diving gear for you to rent whilst on course however you might prefer having your own or might like the gear to fit you perfectly then we suggest you get a 7mm wetsuit, it can be bought in most dive shops but for a custom fit the best place is Coral Wetsuits, Cape Town. Please arrange this one week prior to course as this need to be made. The rest of the gear: mask, snorkel, gloves, booties, fins, knife, weight belt can also be bought in any dive shop or at our shop in the Strand.

I can't find a diving medical officer?

We will send you a list of diving Doctors near you, just send us a email with your residential area and we will send you the nearest Doctors numbers. If you cant find a diving Dr, near you or prefer to go to our medical diving Dr, just send a email and we will book an appointment for you with our dive doctor.


Please provide 50% deposit beforehand to assure your place on the course and then pay the outstanding amount before commencement of the first day of the course. The deposit and full payment is strictly non- refundable except in the case of a student not passing his medical. All exchange rates and bank fees are for the students account. A 2% interest will be added on any outstanding payments, with no certification will be issued until full payment has been received. If you would like to to take out a student loan from your local bank we will supply you with a acceptance letter that you can take to your bank.

What are the requirements to enroll on the course?

Must be 18 years of age, be able to speak and write in English, be able to do simple math’s, be able to swim, and be examined by a Diving Medical doctor Registered with the Department of Labour to obtain a Medical certificate stating that you are fit to dive.

Are there any additional costs?

Your course fees include everything except your medical examination (R2,700.00) and accommodation (R7,750.00 per course). Remember to have some spending money if you wish to go out on weekends or buy something you might need.